Prym Stainless Steel Nappy Pins, White, Pack of 4

Prym Stainless Steel Nappy Pins, White, Pack of 4

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Set of 4 Prym Nappy Pins in white.

Anyone who has kids knows how unpleasant it is to fasten rompers, cloth nappies or the like using safety pins. To ensure that the pins do not unintentionally open, Prym offers the baby safety pins with
double closure for this case. A plastic cap over the sealing capsule furthermore locks the high-quality, stainless steel pin and can only release it when the cap is pulled up. Both pin shafts are slightly curved towards a direction for high wear comfort. This makes them an ideal fit for your body's curves.

Use to secure flat nappies/terry squares in the traditional way.

55mm long. Stainless steel shank with white plastic locking cap.

Simply wipe down or wash in soapy water when required.

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Customer Reviews

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Nappy Pins

Lovely design and work really well. Safety function I hadn't seen before so it is very unlikely it would come undone without a adult trying to undo it. Makes me feel more safe that baby will not get pricked by the pin. Really happy and highly recommend.

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