Poppets Baby

Wool Care

Lanopods are the simplest way to lanolise wool nappy covers. You can use them to lanolise new covers or after washing.

Follow our 'no faff' method below or watch the video for a quick user guide.

In a jug, pour 100 ml of freshly boiled water over 1 Lanopod.

Leave for 5 mins stirring occasionally until the solution is milky & fully dissolved.

Pour the solution into 200 ml of cold water. Submerge the wool cover & gently work the solution into the fibers for a few mins.

Lay the wool on a large towel & roll up squeezing out excess water then lay wool flat to dry.

Use any remaining solution to do another cover straight away or dispose of down the loo.

For a more traditional method of lanolising with pure solid lanolin, simply follow the guide below.