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Nips & Lips

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 Poppets 'Nips & Lips' is the perfect pocket size lanolin for breastfeeding mums AND is completely plastic free!

    Lips - Amazing as a lip prep, lip gloss over lipstick, to help heal cracked lips or just as an everyday moisturiser. Unlike some lip balms that sit on top of the lips, the lanolin will penetrate the moisture barrier of the lips giving excellent results. 

    Dry Skin - Lanolin is rejuvenating and healing. It locks in moisture allowing the skin to moisturise from within improving any area of dry, scaly skin. 

    Baby's Bottom - With this pure and natural product you know exactly what you are putting on your babies skin and our lanolin can help heal and protect from nappy rash. 

    For sore cracked nipples, simply soften a small amount of lanolin between fingers and apply to the entire nipple after feeding - no need to remove before next feed. Re apply as often as necessary.

    The use of our Nips & Lips doesn't stop at just nips - beyond breastfeeding, it also makes the perfect all natural lip balm as well as many other uses!

    The uses for lanolin are literally endless and we'd love you to share with us how you like to use yours. 

    We use the finest grade lanolin that is certified as safe to use directly on the skin.

    The lanolin comes in an aluminium tin with screw top lid.

    Available in 4 sizes - 10ml, 20ml, 40ml and 100ml


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