Poppets - Bamboo Baby Cloth

Poppets - Bamboo Baby Cloth

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Our versatile Bamboo Baby Cloths are 50cm x 50cm, double layered bamboo and have many uses to them. They make a perfect flat nappy to fold on a newborn, then as baby grows you can pad fold for a super soft and absorbent insert in pockets and wraps.

Here are just a few other ideas many of our parents have found them useful for:
- Super soft burping cloth.
- To pat down baby after wiping at nappy changing.
- To lay on a changing mat for warmth and comfort or to catch unexpected incidents!
- Use in the bath to lay over newborn baby helping them feel warm and secure.
Available individually or in sets of 3. 

Flat Double layer bamboo 50cm x 50cm. Baby blue trim with Poppets logo.

Shake any solids into the toilet after each change. Store in a dry pail. Wash at 40 or 60 degrees.

No bleach or softener.

Air dry away from direct heat.

Can be tumble dried on low.

Please see our Care Section for a Quick Start wash guide.

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Customer Reviews

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Alice Cound
Affordable answer to my prayers!

I ordered a jelly roll of wipes wrapped in one of these cloths and instantly knew I needed more! These are super soft and super absorbent. I have a 10 year old with complex needs and finding something to stuff his adult nappy with at night which can hold enough has been a nightmare until I found these! I also have a two year old who I have folded this into a nappy for under a wrap. I will be buying more because these are just so versatile. I have dermatitis and need soft towels on my hands as my skin breaks easily. I use one as a hand towel now too. You won’t regret this purchase.

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