Poppets Baby

Our Story

We are husband and wife team Becky and Andy, parents to 5 and a latecomers to reusables.

We always held a desire to raise our children in a more sustainable, eco friendly way, but the reasons not to were easier. Like a lot of people, lack of time, money and knowledge were our main excuses, and it seemed like so much more effort. Then along came baby number 5 and we simply could not ignore our desire to do better any longer.

With the impact we are having on our planet sitting high on the world agenda, we realised we should make time, it didn't have to cost much and all the information we needed was out there. And so the journey began.

We started with cloth nappies and wipes and quickly evolved to making every day swaps to make our home life more sustainable. Along the way we have made many mistakes but with each mistake, valuable lessons have been learnt and we soon realised just how easy it was!

Using the power of social media, Becky found she could share our journey and suddenly people were asking her for advice. She realised she could help others, which she loved, and would help wherever she could. As she shared our experiences, one question that kept coming up time and time again was 'how do you use your cloth wipes'? She explained the process we used - even doing a few little videos - but for some it still seemed too complicated and easier to just reach for the disposables.

We recall a conversation one night, where Becky said, if only there was something available that was a ready made wipe solution pod that would make wipes softer, nourish and protect the skin, help with cleansing and smell amazing. Something you could just pop it into water and that's it. It would make it so easy for everyone.

Andy simply replied with, 'Well let us do it then'!

And right there and then, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, our Poppets journey began.

Months later and our dream became a reality and our little Poppets were born. All handmade by us, using natural ingredients all safe for bottoms, hands and faces, in plastic free packaging ready to make using cloth wipes simple.

Since our cloth wipe solution our brand has continued to grow into what you see today and it has been an amazing journey.

Thank you for choosing Poppets Baby and welcome to the Poppets family!