Tidal Dreams - Pocket Nappy Duo Bundle

Tidal Dreams - Pocket Nappy Duo Bundle

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Tidal Dreams Duo Bundle - Bloom and Fever.
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The water resistant outer shell that is lined with super soft and smooth microfleece that sits next to babies skin to draw away moisture helping keep baby dry and comfortable. The lining is nice and smooth for easy cleaning. The elastics are gentle against babies skin yet give great containment due to a wide back elastic and internal back and tummy panels.

The lining has two large openings front and back for easy stuffing of inserts that also self eject during a smaller pre wash!

4 rise setting to adjust as baby grows.

Upper hip stability popper on wings.

Staggered snaps for a great fit.

All our pocket nappies come with 2 inserts.

Fishtail Insert - A 52cm long insert which consists of 100% organic cotton outer with a 3 layer bamboo core providing 5 layers of super absorbency.

Fold the fishtail in half for all over coverage or fold up to 3 times placing absorbency where needed providing a superior wet zone of 15 layers.

Hemp Insert - 4 thirsty layers of a hemp/cotton blend which is sized to fit inside the nappy shell on the smaller settings, perfect for newborns that wee little and often. As baby grows and starts to wee more, combine this insert with the fishtail, either underneath or folded inside to provide the ultimate absorbency for heavy wetters.

A birth to potty nappy that is shaped to 'fit like pants' and will fit most babies from around 8lb to 36lb.

All elements of our nappies are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified to give you peace of mind that no harmful substances will come close to your baby. 

Shell - 100% Ultra Durable Polyester TPU

Lining - 100% Microfleece

Fishtail Insert - Outer layers 100% Organic Cotton. Inner layers 3x Bamboo/Polyester 80/20

Hemp Insert - 4 layers Hemp and Cotton mix (55/45) 

Shake any solids into the toilet after each change. Store in a dry pail. Wash at 40 or 60 degrees.

No bleach or softener.

Air dry away from direct heat.

Inserts can be tumble dried on low.

Please see our Care Section for a Quick Start wash guide.

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Customer Reviews

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I am a experienced cloth Mum using cloth for my second time round and so I have used a fair few nappies and different brands in my time. These are the best pocket nappies I have ever used and highly recommend. They are such a high quality and you can tell straight away from the feel, the PUL is so soft and flexible and the inside is incredibly soft. All nappies have a beautiful design and 'Shiver' is the most incredible Minky material. The inserts are amazing and so absorbant, at 6m we do not need to use both together yet and can cope just on one and my LO is a heavy wetter.

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