Poppets Dusting Powder - Sugar Crush

Poppets Dusting Powder - Sugar Crush

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A beautiful powder that is perfect to use after bathing or at nappy change time to help absorb any excess moisture keeping baby soft, smooth and comfortable.

Made using 100% natural clays and powders each with unique properties which are also vegan friendly, talc free and gently scented with our signature fragrance oils. 


Poppets Dusting Powder has been formulated by parents for parents.

Being a baby powder mum the first time around, when I had our little girl 20 years later I wanted a safe 'talc free' alternative to use at nappy change, bath time etc which proved difficult to source, especially as we were trying to make more eco conscious choices and preferred a plastic free option. So we decided to create our own recipe of natural powders which was a resounding success as not only had we created something that was 'talc free' but we had formulated a silky soft dusting powder with many beneficial properties.

The blend of natural powders we have used make our dusting powder the perfect baby product to help protect, nourish, calm, heal and soothe babies' skin. It is gentle enough that it can be used as an everyday preventative as well as aiding recovery.

For us personally, the main reason for using a baby powder was to help dry baby after bathing and cleansing at nappy change. The smallest amount is needed and is perfect to used on creases ensuring baby is completely dry which reduces the risk of sores and chaffing without harsh rubbing or drying out of the skin.

We hope our product will be as beneficial to many parents as it is to us. We use it for many different things in our household. After swimming, at the beach, 'chub rub' in the summer and even as a dry shampoo by the teenagers!

Pat skin dry before application, sprinkle a small amount in to the palm of your hand or directly on to skin and gently blend in to the skin. Always be careful to avoid baby's face.

Sugar Crush is a sweet and fruity fragrance. Think sweet vanilla with light cherry almond notes.

Poppets Dusting Powder - Sugar Crush - Available in a handy 60g travel size bottle and a full size 100g bottle. Both in reusable aluminium bottles with a screw top click lid for easy sprinkling and refilling.

Refill options available in 100g and 160g options to refill both bottles.

The refills come in a kraft paper pouch made from renewable materials that can be resealed with a zip lock top. The pouch is fully compostable and 100% biodegradable in 10 weeks.

Bentonite, Kaolin, Zea Mays Starch, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Ulmus Fulva Bark Extract, Parfum Alpha-isomethyl ionone

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Customer Reviews

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Chloe Prendergast
A post-bath must have!

I love how soft this leaves my daughter’s skin after bathing & swimming, it’s become a must-have item for us & the scent is incredible.


I was so happy to find a dusting powder that is talc free and this one smells so amazing and leaves baby's skin very soft and dry. Helpful for so many different things! Highly recommend.

Kacie Perry
God sent!!

Honestly love our poppets and powder, I use the powder every nappy change and I've noticed such a difference in my babys skin using it. He's quite a sweaty boy and would get chub rub on the insides of his legs, since I started using its non-existent now!! So thankful i found this product

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